Priscilla Omoniyi

Zng (Ecommerce)

Shopping at ease


Zng is an ecommerce platform that looks to focus on a medium sized community in Ogun state, Nigeria. The target community is one that has a centrally located general market and other home sellers most of who even though they are willing to acquire space or store in the general market are not able to due to unavailability and other reasons usually given by the market administrators. Zng looks to bring together these home sellers on its platform and sell for them at a token. Since the platform has a target community which is relatively small, it intends to deliver the product to customers at the shortest time possible; between 1 to 3hours. This would bring the market to the customers saving them the stress, money and time

About the founder

I am an industrious entreprenuer who looks to start and grow different profit business enterprises thereby making life better for people and the general community.