Olufemi Omotayo


Work flexible. Spend less.


As more people venture into entrepreneurship in Lagos, there has been an upsurge in need of affordable work places. Because of the high rental cost, many startups and freelancers are forced to work from home, which is not conducive. On the other hand, many owners and managers of work spaces have indicated willingness to share in order to defray the cost. How do we solve this real unique but urgent problem? WorkSpaces give freelancers, startups and solo entrepreneurs in Lagos access to an efficient work environment system. Users find flexible work spaces such as full-serviced offices, cubicles, co-working space, garages etc. They can book a seat, view dates, track the location of their preferred work spaces; and receive push notifications with updates, such as arrival and departure times. Owners and managers also have the opportunity to list their spaces on the platform. I am committed to bringing this idea to life and see to its success because of my experience as a solo entrepreneur in Lagos who is stranded because I could not afford an office space.

About the founder

Olufemi Omotayo is a multiple award-winning social innovator, journalist and blogger with expertise in entrepreneurship and youth development. He founded the Young Startup Network (YSN) in 2014 to help early stage entrepreneurs establish sustainable businesses. He is a seasoned speaker, mentor, facilitator and coordinator for many youth initiatives in Nigeria. In 2013, he coordinated CYFI; a US Consulate’s sponsored initiative in Lagos public secondary schools. He is a member of the HDPC Youth Sub-Committee of the Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG). He has participated in several local and international business and social hackathons. Olufemi is an Ashoka MasterCard Changemakers Scholar and organised the Unreasonable Lab Nigeria in 2016.