Oladapo Ajayi

We Believe in You

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It's hard to be an (elite) athlete. The quest to be the best often requires participation at several national and international competitions. This understandably comes at a cost - most often borne by family and friends because there isĀ  a dwindling availability of financial support from many sports governing bodies. The financial struggle of most athletes is palpable. As hard as it is to be an athlete, its harder still to be a Nigerian athlete. Proof? 2016 was replete with several embarrassing stories of stranded athletes to and from the Rio Olympic Games. We Believe in You seeks to provide an alternative financing model through sports crowd-funding to help Nigerian athletes fulfill their dreams and aspirations. The enterprise will be a rewards-based crowd-funding and social sponsorship platform. Having just completed my research paper on start-ups in sport with a particular emphasis on sports crowd-funding, i feel obligated to put the discoveries to good use; more so as I have witnessed first-hand the harrowing struggles of athletes - some of whom have had to bear unimaginable pain all in a bid to make their nation proud.

About the founder

I am currently pursuing a Master of Advanced Studies in Sports Administration and Technology (MAS) at the International Academy of Sports Science and Technology (AISTS) in Lausanne, Switzerland. Prior to this, i worked for 4 years at the Lagos State Football Association (LSFA) as the head of Projects and Marketing where i was able to increase the project-portfolio of the LSFA by introducing several grassroots initiatives. I believe in the power of sport for development & peace and i am looking out for opportunities to leverage technology in sports.