Adedamola Garuba

The Writers Block

...because every writer needs a haven


I'm sure you've heard of writer's block; the condition of being unable to think of what to write or how to proceed with writing. Every writer has experienced it at one point or the other. My proposed solution? The Writers Block! Why? Because every writer needs a haven. The Writers block will be an online sanctuary/oasis for writers to come to meet fellow writers who may be experiencing a block. It will be a place for writers to interact with each other, share ideas, collaborate and help each other heal during projects. I have been a lover of words and poetry for as long as i can remember. I express myself best with words and having expressed a block several times, i have often wondered what other writers feel in those times.

About the founder

I have a dream and the dream is simple. My dream is to help people discover happiness, purpose, fulfillment and a state of well-being. Check out my blog @