Tolu Kolawole

Taylor Loran

Free yourself


My idea is a web-based app that helps individuals build their entire wardrobe from bottom-up to give a classy fashionable look within their budget by taking information such as their interests and tastes, where they spend most of their time, their circle of friends, and existing wardrobe. The problem I am solving is helping young adults and millennial who aren't naturally fashionable or fashion conscious but want to look outstanding and fashionable to do within their budget and also get them the best deals to achieve that. My solution is do develop an app that uses basic question to decipher who users are, their preferences and what self image and identity to create a fashion profile(s) for users. In addition, the app will also have a database of existing wardrobes and so anytime users go for shopping, they can take pictures of apparel they are interested in and see how it fits into their wardrobes and so build a congruent wardrobe while ensuring maximum efficient use of resources. I believe I am the right person for this project because this is a problem I have felt personally and for many years struggled with and I have met many other people as well as friends who have struggled with self esteem issues due to not having a great dress sense.

About the founder

I am a doctoral student of Chemical Engineering in the UK, passionate about technology and science. I have been a co-founder of a tech startup,helped kick start the Microsoft Student Partners program in Nigeria, been a Microsoft Imagine Cup winner in Nigeria and 4th people's choice award winner for the USA 2011 completions, and also been a Gates Imagine cup finalist as all as a TED/Gates fellow. I am also passionate about societal issues and very involved in the TED community as well as other tech events ( volunteered for TEDxEuston in London and worked in the team to organise TEDxNewcastle and Thinking Digital)