Tejumola David

Tarrotmall (www.tarrotmall.com)

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My Idea is to create an online marketplace where people connect online to make, sell and buy unique products. Our platforms will allow small business owners who are fashion designers, crafters and painters and many more to monetize their unique and handmade products by displaying them for customers to order at the comfort of their couch. With the current economic crisis in Nigeria and Africa, It is time for Africans to gear towards the exportation of our unique and handmade products. Educated and Non-educated Africans have creativity in common which has brought about the creation of some products that the world needs to see. With Tarrot's innovative twist to e-commerce we can do this. My product will play role in reduction of unemployment all across Africa because it gives both Educated and Non-Educated africans the chance to get orders for their products all over the world thereby creating more small business that can grow africa. My solution is to create an an easily accessible platform where creative people can easily showcase and monetize their locally made unique products by selling it to people who eagerly crave for originality and high-quality handmade products and also grow their businesses from being just a local vendors to receiving orders from places outside their continents. I am the right person because i crave for the development of africa through africapitalism and I strongly believe the future we all want for ourselves is of our own making.

About the founder

I am a Tech Lover , I am a graduate of Software Engineering and Development at African University of Technology and Management,While in Higher Institution have always crave to be dependent because of my special qualities of foreseeing opportunities out of every problem. I became a software freelancer in school because of the demand for websites and blogs. At a certain time i played on shoe designs with my illustrator utility and got a cordwainer to make them. Then each time i put them on i received compliments even from people i haven’t spoken to before.So afterward i decided to start making more designs and collaboring with a cordwainer to build the designs.Then i marketed leather made shoes ,wristwatch and belts and made cash and popularise my Tarrot brand le. Early this year i decided to rebrand the idea by combining it with my software skill to build a platform to design ,customise and order products.