Bolaji Kassim

Make it fit and classic

Description is a website that I have envisioned that will be an online marketplace for African fashion designers and common users for getting tailored African attires. A user interested in getting a tailored African attire, can check out different designs from different fashion designer on the website. The person is taken through the step-wise process of picking a fabric from ones posted by a fashion designer and subsequently the next step of picking a design also uploaded by the fashion designer and subsequently accessories also uploaded by the fashion designer before it is then finally added to cart and the total summed up. get a commission from each sales. Problem to be solved. People like shopping online because of the ease involved in the process. It feels like magic, the ease of me going for an occasion on a weekend and dont really know a traditional clothes to wear, I can check up,look some few designers with good ratings choose their design, subsequently choose fabric i'll like it to be sowed with and additionally add a watch to match and have it it delivered to me in not time is super convenien. Why am I the right peron? I'm not a fashion designer, but that doesn't matter because Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings weren't movie producers,renters or actors before they started Netflix, it was the passion, the will and the desire to build something they know will be useful for millions of people. I know is a product I will use and I know if we properly build it, it will be useful for millions of other Africans at home and in diaspora.

About the founder

I am Bolaji Kassim, a 21 year old currently rounding up my Bachelors Degree(Civil Engineering) from the University of Ibadan . I am a self taught programmer(just coming up). I learn HTML,CSS,Python and Django.