Seun Alaofin

STUN (Super Teens Under Nineteen)

"Be the STUN. Be on STUN."


The idea is to develop an interactive app for teens that would help them learn in a very convenient way, and also have fun in the process. Majority of teens on social media don't go there to learn, they just chat and it takes a lot of their time. This new innovative mobile app would be solving this problem. I complain alot each time i see teens spend so much of their time on social media. Now is not the time to complain, now is the time to create solutions that would solve this problem. We can make teens in the teen age great again!! I believe i am the right person to solve the problem because i have passion for teens.

About the founder

I am a youth from Nigeria. Dedicated to see Teens and youths become better, purpose driven and passionate about self development. i am the publisher of Teen Inspired magazine, A magazine dedicated to help teens get inspired.