Sam Harris

Snap Track

Track changes of anything overtime with snaps to create accurate and interesting stories


SnapTrack is an app that allows users to stitch images together over the dimension of time to create engaging stories or useful data. The exact same photo can be taken after just a few seconds or every month over many years which allows for direct comparison of the changes. Additionally, a time and location stamp is recorded and the user can add bespoke metadata to the image. The healthcare applications of SnapTrack links into smart and safecities. It allows users to accurately track any issues they have. They can snap a collection of images over time of any malady (lump, bump, rash, gash, infection or imperfection). If it becomes more serious they have a clear record of the history of the malady to show a doctor. The images will clearly show exact growth, changes and their speed of progression. With the picture auto-aligning each time it will appear like a camera recorded a movie from the exact same spot facilitating accurate measurements. Additionally users can input metadata at each point such as how they were feeling or what they might have eaten, thus intuitively creating a rich dataset to aid diagnosis. This will also empower patients to access health care from their home via the internet without needing to physically see a doctor. This can reduce likelihood of spreading of infectious diseases, reduce stress in attending the doctors or waiting for appointments and in general just save a lot of time. The impact is will be felt by all members of the community. Working professionals are often too busy to pay attention to their issues until they become more serious and they still don't want to spend the time to see a doctor. Tracking their issues early on allows them get a clearer picture of what's going on and make more informed decision about seeking professional care. Mothers will be able to better follow issues of their children and the data might be able to better inform the doctor what has been happening than the child might be able to articulate. Elderly people who struggle to attend the doctor and are at higher risk of catching diseases can be safer tracking their issues at home. Patients in recovery will be able to see the results more accurately and know if they should be seeking assistance if something doesn't feel right. Doctors will have a better set of data to make their diagnosis and to see the results of any prescribed medication if it needs changing.

About the founder

I launched a social enterprise in my first year of university by myself. I acquired business partners after 1 year and after growing it for four years I sold my stake. In that time I learnt a lot about business (and also passed my degree in Biology). After my degree I ran the University of Bristol’s business accelerator helping other entrepreneurs grow their businesses. Since then I have worked as a project manager in an engineering firm replacing control systems in power plants(basically a big version of IoT). Then I worked as a product manager in a tech startup measuring human emotions with smart devices. I co-run a London based coding club for ethical hacking projects and am currently studying at Elium Academy Brussels, learning the Node.Js framework.