Oni Caleb


Bridging the gap to end stigma.


First of all I want to appreciate the level of kindness and support from you and your organization to see people thrive and become successful, your contribution will never go unnoticed and will infinitely be appreciated. Thanks and God bless. Said-Hi is a social network, coined from the word HIV/AIDS. Hiv is one of the biggest epidemic for over 4 decades and widely most spread virus in we world especially Africa with over 35million people now living with the virus and 2million people dying annually, yet with so many challenges associated with it. Said-Hi is a social network meant to bridge the gap between people living with HIV and the entire society to end stigma and discrimination, update users with the latest information on Hiv control and prevention measures to curb the wild spread,encourage people to discover their status and we will also serve as an intermediary between organizations such as WHO, USAID etc. In sharing important information with their target audience playing a huge role in publicity. This social network will give people an opportunity to express their selves, meet friends and families who will accept and respect them, promote inter and intra relationship, curb the intentional spread of the virus as a result of retribution. It will be a game changer and it wouldn't just play a role in the fight against HIV but will also give Africa a huge recognition for a vital role in the fight against HIV and the challenges associated with it next to America. Finally some of the percentages of incomes generated can be used to support projects and researches to facilitate ending the epidemic. Personally, am a victim of stigma. With that been said I also encountered the same fear people have when doing the Hiv test during my first test back in 2009, I knew it was because I didn't want to face stigma if I was probably positive. I decided to intensify my research and meet with people living with the virus, understood their psychological state of mind and try to device a solution that will end the most challenges they face when they turn out to be positive. I have been able to gain a lot of knowledge and met with top people in various institutes such as WHO, NEPWHAN(Network of People living with HIV AIDS in Nigeria),USAID, they are impressed and are willing to participate any way possible to make it a success, and I have also been awarded for the idea.

About the founder

My name is Oni Caleb Oziegbe I'm from Edo state Epkoma Was born June 6 1991 I'm a graduate of Bowen University Well l love music, video games, thinking about ideas that can solve a problem I perceive, I love innovating, i love adventures and travelling. My motto is dare to dream, start, make efforts everyday no matter how little the result, the bigger puzzle will eventually be completed.