Femi Adekanmbii

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If Customers are King Why do they have to Shop of the Rack?


My idea is bringing custom sized fashion items (shirts, suits, short, kaftans etc) to individuals with just few clicks. In Nigeria, most people buy foreign produced fashion items from brands like Zara and h&m. Usually these items are bought at expensive prices due to the fluctuation of the USD. I want to build a platform where I can upload pictures of available products with prices and all you need to do is place an order. The items would be made to your perfect size. I currently work with a team of style advisers in different states who take measurements of prospective clients based on location, send them to our head office and we create the products and ship to buyers. I'm looking to move this offline strategy onliine to enable us reach more people and help with ease of doing business. I have 3yrs experience in the business of fashion. I have been able to sell products offline to 11 states within the country, Kenya, SA, UK and the US. I strongly believe my expertise in the business with your technological support would help ease Nigerians the stress of spending billions of naira in foreign fashion consumption.

About the founder

My names are Adekanmbi Emmanuel oluwafemi. I'm a chronic additional income seeker, a researcher, writer and an economist by training.