Ahmed Umar


facilitating high impact research projects


The idea is to create an enabling environment for research (social and science) so that researchers can easily plan their research projects and obtain results without much hassles. Why? As an undergraduate in the university, a colleague of mine who was very intelligent and well grounded in science proposed to carry out a special research but he learnt that he couldn't because our laboratory doesn't have the equipment he required. About a year after graduation from bachelor's degree, I read a Facebook post on how a foreigner had to leave Nigeria to Kenya in the 1970s to carry out a research because of lack of necessary equipment. Then, I thought, wouldn't it be great to have a platform to ease the work of researchers? The solution: A platform which I like to call researcha.org will host all laboratories in all tertiary institutions stating clearly their capacities with respect to the equipment and types of research that can be carried out in each of them. By that, researchers can utilize two or more research laboratories in carrying out a single research instead of just being limited on the ones in their institutions alone. Researcha.org will also host student researchers' profiles and enable solution seekers to post challenges backed by funds so students in that research area can team up across institutions and work together on such projects. This will not be limited to scientific research only as social science students on the platform would also be given the opportunity to work on social projects eg. market research projects. We just placed a demo on our website at researcha.org. Please check. That's close to what we envision as a landing page for the platform. We understand that much of this work will be done by foot but we could always use your help to get started on the platform development. And you could introduce us to the right people for partnerships as that is what we need much more than funding. My team is composed of three spartan machines. We believe in this idea and we don't even care who gets to make it happen. We only want to make sure that it is done. We love to see ideas hatch into wonderful solutions making high impact.

About the founder

My name is Ahmed Umar. I'm a project management practitioner. I studied "Building" at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria. I am 26 years old. I love technology. I love experimenting with new ideas. I think up new ideas every now and then. I am a bit of an introvert. I love soccer. I can't play but I enjoy watching my favorite team play. I am an arsenal fan.