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Prime Certifications

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The Idea is simply about training Graphic Designers offline and online and offering them a diploma and certification in affiliation with the Department of Fine and Applied Arts, Niger Delta University. I am solving the problem of low self esteem found in graphic designers by making available a standard and recognized certificate or diploma that will certify there skill and give them boldness and confidence to practice. A standard examination will be set for them to write and pass before the certification / diploma is awarded. This examination will be set my Professors and Ph.D. holders in Graphic Design. The content of the examination will include all the basic Principles of Design, elements of design and fundamental design methods and processes. Therefore anyone who has gone through this programme would have refined and standardized his or her knowledge of design. My solution to this problem is to make available in partnership of well recognized Nigerian Universities, a certifications that will enable Graphic Designers refine, standardize and boldly practice without low self esteem. I am the right person because i was a victim of this circumstance. After 4 years in the university to acquire my B.A Fine and Applied Arts (Graphic Design Option), My partnership with the university can make it easier for current and upcoming Graphic Designers out there to get certified by Nigerian universities without going through the four walls of the university. My vision is to create certification. curriculum whose examination content will be equivalent to that of N.D, H.N.D and B.A. I also see this as No. 1 in Nigeria and beyond.

About the founder

I am a young entrepreneur based in Bayelsa State, Nigeria. I have a Diploma in 3D Animation with New York Film Academy, A Diploma in Computer Maintenance and Repair and a degree in Fine and Applied Arts (Graphic Design). I have practiced Graphic Designs and Computer Maintenance and Repair since 2005. In 2011 i decided to get a degree in Graphic Design which led me to the university. I am currently an NYSC corper service in Imo State