Chukwuemeka Iheme


A community that caters for one another


The idea is to have an online community of users who want to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle by peer-sharing healthy home cooked meals. Peercater is for two user types: User category A- a busy person who does not have the time to prepare a good breakfast and lunch to take to work and does not want to have to buy fast food everyday. He or she can connect with a peer caterer on the platform that will provide healthy meals packaged and labelled for the week. User category B - A user who can cook delicious meals and distribute to their peers at the the fair prices they determine. This user will advertise the healthy food they are offering on their menus and pictures of their food as well as their customer rating. This user has the opportunity to earn extra income by providing healthy food to category A users. This idea will revolutionise the food industry in Nigeria as it will provide more healthy food options for users and present an opportunity to generate personal revenue. It will be attractive to those customers passionate about healthy eating and dieting, and will also provide a commercial opportunity for up and coming caterers that do not have sufficient capital to start their catering business and market it effectively.

About the founder

I am a trained Chemical Engineer (Rochester Institute of Technology). I currently work in Lagos as a consultant in the oil and gas sector. I usually have trouble finding healthy food to eat at work and I hardly eat breakfast because I want to beat the morning traffic. This idea was born out of personal experience: I had this peer arrangement with one of my colleagues where I pay her monthly for ingredients and she prepares and packages healthy meals for me to eat at work. This lead me to believe that this would be an interesting service to render to the public. The service will be on a mobile application and possibly have a desktop version of the website.