Muhganagro Nigeria limited



My idea is to project large scale exportation of Agri products to the outside world. This trend will enable more production of Agri products and also enhance quick sale of those products by farmers. Since the promotion of Agriculture has been identified lately as a reliable way out of the current recession, I think it is most worthy to really support it in all ramifications. Lastly, my kind of person should be fit for the task because I'm highly informed about the process involved in exportation, and I have my target products which I'm pretty much acquainted with.

About the founder

I'm a 24 years old graduate of Philosophy. Presently serving in Ilorin West Local Government as a primary school teacher. I'm from Ayete town in Oyo state. I have a commendable skill in speech making, but I'm crazily craving to be a successful Enterpreneur.