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Outline the idea itself: The idea is to provide a range of useful articles for the Nigerian youths and all other age group, this will particularly be from a range of contributors. What problem are you solving: It is particularly hard for the average Nigerian student to find a website or an application that offers useful articles that will be of help during and after life in school, most blogs and forums in the country are filled with gossips and other information that are not particularly useful to the Nigerian Student or Youth. What is your solution: Monograph intends to be an app that collects a whole range of articles from personal contributors and random contributors, the articles will range from useful articles of present matters in the country before branching out to other parts such as Lifestyle, Religion, Entertainment, Politics and the likes, contents on Monograph will be especially filtered to be useful to people that need the information. Why are you the right person to solve the problem: I believe if a solution can be found, there's no need prolonging issues, as a lover of long useful articles myself, I know that the power of the internet and the Information age is not being totally utilized in Nigeria. So many distractions with politics and entertainment that information and social media is being used for all the wrong reasons. I hope to be able to provide a solution with this app.

About the founder

My name is Oladotun Olorunisola, a graduate of Economics at Bowen University, presently located in Canada where i just finished a post-graduate diploma in Business Management majoring in Business Analysis, only worthwhile hobby worth mentioning is reading books and a student at FreeCodeCamp at the moment.