Nnamdi Ezeh

Medical Information and Billing System (MedIBS)

Integrated Health System portal.


MedIBS seeks to magnage patient information, medical work flow and medical billing. Patient information is the fundamental basis for a well cordinated patient care. A patients visit to the hospital starts with folder retrieval and ends with folder replacement or transfer. The folder says everything about what care the patient has recieved in the past such as; physical examinations, doctors notes, diagnosis, course of treatments taken, drugs and medical procedures performed. What I wish to achieve with MedIBS is a secure setup where all these information are easily sent and retrieved across a number of validated care providers including hospitals, clinics, diagnostic units and pharmacies. Let me illustrate this with a hypothetical patient "A" who is pregnant close to term (almost due for delivery) but with gestational diabetes. "A" goes to the obstetrician for routine antenatal visit. The doctor on examining her and correlating findings with information already available to him through MedIBS sends her to the laboratory and ultrasound scan. On arrival at the diagnostic unit, the unit staff are already informed about what lab tests she has to be helped with. Diagnosis is done and reports sent back through MedIBS. The test is confirmatory. So the out patient's obstetrician alerts the surgical unit about this case (the equivalent of copying or transfering folders) or in a case where drugs are precribed, prescription notes are sent out to a trusted pharmacy. Along all these channels payments can be documented/recieved through MedIBS. MedIBS will remove; The need for physical folders Need for moving folders Need for copying folders and hence medical notes transcription The need for printed material. It will; Make patient information available to care givers at all times Make patient information easily retrievable Ensure permanence of health records Make patient referral more seamless Promote health information sharing between care givers during transfer Aid payment documentation/receipt. I have worked in different diagnostic units and hospitals as well. The amount of money spent on print materials, referralssystem, earned commission management informed this idea.

About the founder

I am a medical radiographer by training. The founder Sonopact Ultrasound (http://sonopact.com) and Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Programme (TEFEP) 2016 Alumnus. I have a lot of love for technology, health service and business.