Oluranti Ola

Food for the Soul!

Your food is our command!


The idea is to supply/sell food on a daily basis to individuals or groups of people that require such service within Abuja city. There are a lot of people that want to eat good food but can't access it because they are either too busy to cook it themselves, or they can't even get anywhere close to them to buy it from, or it's ridiculously over priced; that's where we come in. I love good food as well and I can cook it. So my solution is to put together a team of like minds, push out broadcasts and get the word out there, get clients, deliver what we promised and get referrals. I am the right person to solve this problem because I derive joy in cooking and not just that but seeing the satisfaction on people's faces excites me and when they come back for more, I know I have left an impression. The products will include the following: Snacks, cake, food (breakfast, lunch and dinner), bowls of different soups, specials (e.g ofada, asun, grilled chicken etc). The idea is that if there is an app that people can download on their phones and whenever they need any type of our services, they can easily use the app to place an order, pay with their debit cards or pay on delivery, they get confirmation and time frame of delivery of product.

About the founder

I'm a graduate of Animal science & Fisheries management from Bowen University. I'm 32yrs old, hail from Osun state and I currently reside in Abuja. I'm an entrepreneur... I've quit my job thrice just to focus on my food business. It's been full of ups and downs but I know in my heart that it is what I was meant to do.