Oyindamola Adedayo




I'm planning to have a fabric store, a store where people can choose the kind of materials they want to access at any point in time . I know a lot of people do fabrics but I want to do it in a totally different way, in a way no one has ever done before . it seems difficult now because its just starting but I'm going to go on. The problem I'm trying to solve is to have even average people be able to afford quality and lovely materials and fabrics. My solution to this problem is to create a platform where everyone in differnt classes can access quality at any point in time . I think I'm tbe right person to solve the problem because I know what todo with fabrics and ive been in a position where I've not had quality before I Only had to make do with what I had .

About the founder

I am a fashion freak, I like to learn new things and I create my art through fashion and I'm writing my own story.