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I want to take the local tailor online. This first phase will take my wife who is a fashion designer (lets make it simple and think of the local tailor somwhere in lagos) to be able to advertise, market, get clients, get projects (cloth making), finish projects and maintain post sale customer support and marketing without having to meet the customer face to face. As she has continued to get client after client I started toying with the idea of changing the way tailors work and move it forward. Of course there are lotss of similar ideas like what I am doing eg but I am not sure anyone is trying to solve the issue for the local tailor. Here is the solution: There are 3 parts to sewing a dress with your tailor 1. Choose a design\style\colour etc usually from some magazine with hundreds of pictures fo people in different attires 2. Deliver or choose fabric(s) this may be step 1. This could be the Aso ebi etc 3. Take measurement. This is practically the reason we actually go to the tailor physically Finally there is a discussion phase: How much (online its fixed but, it depends on the design)? When to pick up? customisations in the selected style. I think the 3 steps could be transposed to online steps: get to our list of styles and pick 1, augment it with the ability to send us a link from pinterest or maybe even a picture. Either you send your fabrics or you pick one of ours. Add a measurement tool (long term) or create video assistants (already online) to enable people take measurements themselves and fill a form with the data we need. Finally we can have a skype meeting to finalize. I want to get this working first for my wife (and a few friends who sew) then make it possible for anyone to register and have the ability to either make or get clothes made for them! Taking all 3 stages online will enable

About the founder

I work as an Infrastructure consultant in a software company, so I do more of scripting and implementing software solutions than writing code. i do know how to code, Im just not that proficient and really dont always have the time. As you can see below Im Woocommercing it at the moment to just get started however I think there are limitation which I (at this point) cant handle in PHP. I do a bit with Python and would likely want a solution there so I can maintain the code afterwards and do bug fixing myself. I live in Amsterdam, finished from UI, like football (watching), I am full of ideas and solutions (usually) and I like to be as well as prefer straight forward people.