Victor Ogudu


We Digify Weddings


Idea is about digitizing wedding. I am solving problems of having to look for the right wedding planner, affordable pricing for wedding and a whole new experience to make weddings even more memorable. This solution provides a web page that manage wedding details, creation of Invitation cards, and live streaming of weddings on YouTube live. There will be a premium plan which covers wedding plan for interested couples which and includes but not limited to the live streaming of weddings to YouTube. I know I am the right person for this job due to the fact that I have taken survey on this concept and I have gotten a very positive result, also, I have friends who specialise in wedding planning for very affordable price and I am a bit tech savvy and have digital marketing skills to make this work.

About the founder

I am the last child of my parents, and the different one in the house. Maybe because I am always looking for ways of becoming an entrepreneur without having to work for someone. I am very realistic too, I scrutinise any idea which I have before trying to bring it out to the public. Currently, I am learning to code also.