Building people to grow businesses


Over the years, I have met a number of bright Nigerians in the digital marketing space. Shina is one of them who is passionate about digital but does not know where to start. He attends a lot of conferences and training but gets pushed around by the waves of the events. What we are building is a program that helps many Africans like Shina focus on developing their passion and helps them kickstart their career. It is not just about training Shina. It is about making Shina into a digital marketer that helps companies grow. Hence, our program trains passionate people for free and get them jobs in companies that are in need of their services. The part where we need a techie is building a learning management system for the future. Our mission is to “To change the way people learn digital marketing and the way companies hire digital marketers.” We believe we can only change the way people learn if we build the future of learning for them. We believe personalization and flexibility are the future of learning. Building a learning experience that does not tell you what you should learn but tells you what you need to learn. Also, one that does not tell you when you need to learn but gives you the liberty to learn at your own pace. Currently, we have a very messy LMS (campus.bytemars.com) built on WordPress for our pilot program which has started already. This is in no way what we are planning to build. We hope to work with you and build something that would change Africa.

About the founder

I am Taslim. I have 2+ years experience training people about digital marketing (Pay Per Click Advertising mostly). My passion for digital marketing started when I became Google Student Ambassador in 2014. Since then, my life has revolved around everything digital marketing and Africa. I see the ecosystem as one that needs the digital education to grow and I am ready to make that work with my idea.