Tawanda Mutukwa


a digital value chain for the disadvantaged smallholder farmer


My idea is to build an information platform for smallholder farmers where they can access information to weather data, market produce prices and trends, input prices and trends, agronomic advice and agro news. Farmers are having to rely on outdated farming techniques, non existent government extension services and climate change, all these are affecting produce quantity and quality as well as livelihoods. I am the right person as I have previously worked on a national project to build an information portal for government extension workers in Zimbabwe. I have also been selected for a 2016 ampion fellowship and am in 2016 Tony Elemelu programme. I am also in process of developing strong linkages in and outside Zimbabwe.

About the founder

I am an aspiring social entrepreneur based in Zimbabwe. I have been doing entrepreneurship since 2011. I am an active christian, I also love researching on new technologies, business and new places.