Meals you can't resist


My Idea is the preparation of local delicacies in the Likes of Ewa Agoyin (Togolese cuisine) , Wanke (Ghanian cuisine), Moi-moi (Leaf packed), Party Jollof e.t.c. ( I intend to give Abuja residents the experience of trying out theses delicacies without even going out of the Country. I will be solving the problem of Unemployment For me for one and also for many other people I will be involving in this project. I will be requiring the services of Dispatch persons, Cooks, Sales Persons e.t.c. This will go a long way in reducing the number of unemployed persons. I believe I am the right person to solve some of these problems because this will not only be an employment opportunity, I will also be mentoring these people in Entrepreneurial Skills as I hope to support and help them grow in their areas of interest in Business/ Entrepreneurship.

About the founder

I am a 30years Old female from Edo State, a Graduate of Geography and Regional Planning from Ambrose Ali University. An Experienced Customer Service Professional in the Telecoms and Banking Industry. I have a flair for business and like to put smiles on faces of people I come across.